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May 3, 2006

collecting for the rest of us

Filed under: WebLog — Peter Ferko @ 9:32 am

I always love collecting art, but it seems my collecting to date has relied largely on the generosity of my extremely talented friends (lucky me that they have been equally generous and talented!).

For would-be collectors, the circle of the generous has been growing in fascinating ways lately. First, JT Kirkland’s latest project bARTer (See his April 17 post for full description) offers an opportunity for artists to trade their work for another piece that was offered previously. Now Art in General has launched an amazing commission project by Adam Simon called Fine Art Adoption Network that aims to help ordinary Janes and Joes to start collecting work they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The FAAN idea is straightforward: 1) you look at the site and pick work you want; 2) you fill out a form that emails the artist whose work you want; 3) the artist decides who gets to adopt the work; 4) one lucky person gets the work (and gets to care for the adopted treasure).

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