Now: Here: This April 14, 2006

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Sky Pape
Inwood, New York City

Thank You Note
Sumi Ink on handmade/homemade paper

Making something for someone instead of to be someone.

New York City

Found Package II
found object

I'm submitting this simple piece knowing it will be curated as part of a whole (an us). I usually create a complete individual universe not thinking it might coexist in a room next to something else. I guess I'm a product of the U.S. also.

Karien Vandekerkhove
Flanders, Belgium


... nothing that is not there and the nothing that is ...

(from " the snow man" , wallace stevens - 1921)

Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

digital photogram

PP's question upon seeing this piece perfectly sums up the most important thing on my mind:

"What's going on here?"

Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Scotch tape collage and Photoshop

Love is holy because it is like grace---the worthiness of its object is never really what matters.

Marilynne Robinson
- from the novel "Gilead"

One evening when I was still living at Grand Street and Monroe, Isamu Noguchi came to visit me. There was nothing in the room (no furniture, no paintings). The floor was covered, wall to wall, with cocoa matting. The windows had no curtains, no drapes. Isamu Noguchi said, "An old shoe would look beautiful in this room."

John Cage - from "Indeterminacy"


Stephen Beveridge
Washington Heights, New York City and Hemet, California


thoughts- it feels like my thoughts are not my own. I am being fed like a crawl from a cosmic news channel in a world of me. I can no more collect my thoughts than count the flaps of a hummingbirds wings.



Tim Folzenlogen
Washington Heights, New York City

Self Portrait #141
Sharpie pen

Sign Of The Times

There’s a song entitled “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt that is being played a lot by pop music stations.

The first line is “My life is brilliant.” (repeat) and then “My love is pure.”

I always get a buzz, when I hear that first line.

I like to think of all those kids everywhere, singing “My life is brilliant.”

People need to realize this.

Saying it, is healthy.

Your life is brilliant.

You’re beautiful.

It’s true.

Harold Wallin
Washington Heights, New York City

digital photograph

Inspired by the kind words of Pat and Sky I went back to the subway to work on more "collages." This is one from that very enjoyable session. I feel lucky to have happened into these artsparks.

Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachussetts


Everyone should be as different as possible. There is nothing that is common to all of us except our creative urge. Every one of us has the urge to be creative in relation to our time--the time to which we belong may work out to be our thing in common.

-Hans Hofmann, 1950


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