Now: Here: This April 28, 2006

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Stephen Beveridge
Washington Heights, New York City and Hemet, California

it's nice out

i was wondering why no one stopped me to ask what I was doing but then this is California



New York City

digital collage

Most on my mind is art. I was feeling good after I made this honeybee piece and I think it directly affected how I heard music. The morning after I made it I was on a long subway ride home. On my ipod I played Mahalia Jackson and Aretha, loud with my eyes closed. Repeated the most was the masterpiece "I Will Move On Up A Little Higher" by Mahalia. I heard and saw it like I never had before. When she or Aretha would stretch-out a word and throw it all around I would see gorgeous images. They were not in the style I use, but richly painted, mostly decorative swirls that would change and move with the music. I can't see now what I saw then, never-mind recreate it, but it's amazing what I can sometimes dream-up when open to it.

The pedigree of honey
Does not concern the bee;
A clover, any time, to him
Is aristocracy.

– Emily Dickinson

Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Chance Encounter-Creatures of the Deep
Scotch tape collage and Photoshop

…to acknowledge that there is more beauty than our eyes can bear, that precious things have been put into our hands and to do nothing to honor them is to do great harm.

-Marilynne Robinson - from "Gilead"

Tim Folzenlogen
Washington Heights, New York City

Self Portrait #142
compressed charcoal and color pencil

I think that low self-esteem is the biggest problem that exists in the world today.
It’s what holds everyone in check.
It’s what keeps everyone from engaging the other.
People feel bad about themselves.
They are afraid to reveal too much.
Afraid of getting smashed, or ignored, if they do; because they probably would be.
That kind of thing is rampant.
When you feel bad about yourself, you don’t want to acknowledge the other.
You don’t want to make them feel good, when you feel bad.
You can’t give, what you don’t have.
You have to learn to love yourself first.
But it’s impossible to appreciate your own value, unless you express it, by engaging others.
Which few do.
And so the world stays small.
Self imposed walls.

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

digital video

This moment will never be repeated. The quality of the light, the movement of the leaves and their shadows will never pass in this way again. I'm always rushing time and wishing it away, and now I'm scared because it's going so fast.

Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachussetts

thrown object injures driver

I found a bunch of great stuff in a trashcan on Houston Street a few years ago, including an index card on which someone had typed the name "James Finn." I don't know if he was the error-prone typing student who supplied the background for this collage (which I found in the same stash) or not, but I consider him my collaborator on this piece. So I decided to "Google" James Finn, only to discover that the results numbered about 150,000. I added "New York City" to the search to narrow it down, although I don't know that my collaborator is/was from New York. In any case, amid my search results I came upon a headline, which I thought made a good title for my piece. (The drawing of the figure I made originally for one of my "In Cold Blood" pieces about a motorcycle accident.)

Rosa Naparstek
Washington Heights, New York City

Primal Scream

"Don't make your personality a cause."
Look behind the mind, the sound, the call
before the fall where were you then,
where were you when I needed you,
where you when I cried? It's not enough to know
nothing sitting on a mat before a wall, it's to know
nothing standing tall. Then, I know where I am not
wanted, held, loved believing these could save me, I


Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

self portrait with a black brick wall
miriam's window
scanned negatives

I've been considering how much I enjoy the extemporaneous aspects of my creative process, and I've been giving myself time to have time to do whatever. This art spark, I just hit the streets with my Hasselblad and shot stuff. Ahhhhh...


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