Now: Here: This May 26, 2006

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Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Scotch tape collage and Photoshop

The internet has been abuzz lately with commentaries about political art. I hope this is more than just another artfashion trend in the marketplace. I've had my heart broken so many times. The art world has been dragging its feet when it should be leading the charge. Even those who may be against the war and Bush's rein of error are typically not passionately so.
I am perplexed by the general lack of outrage in response to daily news reports of corruption in high places, government lies, atrocities committed by our men in uniform, etc. I suppose that is what may be expected from society at large. But I (perhaps naively) expect/want artists to be more enlightened and engaged - truth tellers - bladder prickers - wrench throwers.

"They remind me of happy Germans who didn't want to be told what was in those cattle cars rattling through their cities at night."

Micah Sifry - writer/activist


Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

untitled (Williamsburg)
scanned negative

Keeping with the theme of extemporaneous creativity, I gave free reign to my sagitarian nature (half man, half horse):

~ gallop on the L train to a favorite field;
~ keep out a sharp eye;
~ indulge on the tasty findings.

New York City

Zoom In
cartoon clipping

Newsprint dots that are off-registration make me happy. Off-registration seemed to be the norm in old cartoons. I do it on purpose, but when I was a kid it was very important to color inside the lines. I didn't know how to tie this into the bigger picture, so i googled "color inside lines" and got this oddity: Why color inside the lines when art has come to this? BERLIN - A Berlin couple plan to have their first baby at an art gallery, the gallery owner said on Saturday, confirming a newspaper report. “It’s a gift to humanity, a once in a lifetime thing,” Bild newspaper quoted Winfried Witt, partner of mother-to-be Ramune Gele, as saying. Johann Novak, manager of the DNA-Galerie in central Berlin, said the artistic couple wanted to challenge conventional norms. “It’s a bit of test to see if society can cope,” he said in a telephone interview. About 30 people are expected to attend the birth, scheduled for April 24, 2005. They would be told to come to the gallery as soon as the 27-year-old Gele’s contractions became regular, Witt was quoted as saying. — Reuters How does that strike you all?


Maggie Hernandez
Washington Heights, New York City

Pistacio Nut
24"x24” acrylic on wood

I was thinking about my favorite ice cream flavor at YUMLICIOUS, where I’ll be showing during the ART STROLL 2006



Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachussetts

brush and ink

"They were very good to me, Joe and his family. I was on crutches, I was pretty helpless. Just had to sit around. So to give me something to do, try to make myself useful, I started what became a sort of school. The pupils were Joe's kids, along with some of their friends, and we held classes in the parlor."
--Perry Smith

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

Under the Railway Bridge
digital video

The most important thing is peace. And I'm having trouble finding it at the moment.

Sky Pape
Inwood, New York City

breathe and float
digital photograph

Every so often I do what is called for: Steal a few minutes to stop everything, lie on the floor, and just be.

(Then the aliens call me back to the saucer...)


Rosa Naparstek
Washington Heights, New York City

digital drawing

I wasn't a child when I was a child,
I wasn't a Hippie in the 60's
but now I wear fringe jackets,
streak pink in my hair and
finger paint with a mouse.
But I still believe in censorship
and told Peter he could exercise his
because this comes too easy.


Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City


I have been dealing with my mother's death and the clearing and sale of her home of more than 50 years. I have tried to find new homes for
household objects, her clothing, fabric, books, etc. In the process I have discovered things I never knew existed, like a complete set of china which she refused to use, and which was kept in a closet not five feet from the dinner table, or the set of 20 ruby glass cups and saucers, and two plates, found in a dusty closet on the top floor. There is now no one to ask about the stories of these things. Was the china a wedding present from an old boyfriend? or from an old girlfriend? Was it her mother's? Did someone break all the rest of the ruby glass, leaving just the cups and saucers or were they obtained at the movies or bank as a incentive, and my mother stopped going for some reason? I will never know and now there is no one to ask.



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