Now: Here: This June 23, 2006

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Pamela Flynn
Freehold, New Jersey

eclipse study
mixed media

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses,
And all the king's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again.


New York City



The light came through the window
Straight from the sun above
And so inside my little room
There plunged the rays of Love
In streams of light I clearly saw
The dust you seldom see
Out of which the Nameless makes
A Name for one like me
All busy in the sunlight
The flecks did float and dance
And I was tumbled up with them
In formless circumstance
Then I came back from where I’d been
My room, it looked the same
But there was nothing left between
The Nameless and the Name
All busy in the sunlight
The flecks did float and dance
And I was tumbled up with them
In formless circumstance
I’ll try to say a little more
Love went on and on
Until it reached an open door
Then Love itself
Love Itself was gone
Love Itself was gone

lyrics - L. Cohen


Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

scanned negative

I met a man today who was a breath of fresh air. He was a vendor and we had a problem with what he had done for me. We decided we just had a miscommunication. But he said he would make things right, at no charge. When the timing was off because the shop would be closed for the holiday, he tried to work out a temporary fix and said he'd rush the repair after the holiday. And he told me thoroughly how I could fix the problem myself if I wanted to do it sooner than he could.

He seems to have taken a liking to me because his middle name is my first name. His father was a devout Catholic and named him after St. Peter. He told me he teaches kids at his church. He told me his brother became an Evangelical Christian and snoops when he comes to visit and gives him grief if he finds a beer; to which this man says, 'That's my refrigerator, not yours.' We agreed that the Church's policies were sometimes troublesome. I told him I used to attend the Catholic church, too, but now I'm a yogi.

As we were wrapping up, he told me to hit the elevator button because it takes a long while and you don't want to miss it going by.

I'm glad I didn't miss him going by.

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

digital video

This is our third "Fifty-year flood" in less than two years.

Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Scotch tape and Photoshop


Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City


I was walking from the subway on Ft. Washington and feeling much in parallel with the gray rainy oppressive skies. Then my eye caught this tiger lily--or maybe it caught me -- at just the right moment.


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