Now: Here: This September 1, 2006

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Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Lobster Boy Levitates
Photoshop collage

"The idiot meanness of American Yahooism should never be underestimated."

I found the quote above, with no attribution, scribbled in the back of one of my old sketch books. It may be from Simon Leys.

New York City

To The Moon
digital collage

I can't think of a thing to say aside from what I can't say.

Sky Pape
Inwood, New York City

detail of drawing in progress

The result of being protective of my studio time is that I’m here, now, doing this. The work is a source of personal challenges and fulfillment: spiritual, psychological, intellectual, and even physical. I wish I had some formula for making a discovery more likely than a disappointment, but I’ve developed none. After so many years of doing this, it’s as new to me now as ever — even more so. Maturity’s gift is an unlikely sense of freedom that beckons and mocks with equal strength. With each aha and each failure the bar I set for myself is higher. Fortunately, the minimum requirement is to just show up, now, here…


Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City

Tough NYC Pigeons

I have often walked over this patch of sidewalk but never managed to leave my mark. Guess I did not have the same courage that these birds did-- leaping when they had the opportunity, not sitting back to think about it for a long time. Carpe wet concrete.

Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachussetts


"Tell me, Dick. Have you ever heard of the Clutter murder case?" Whereupon, he later wrote in a formal report of the interview,
"Suspect underwent an intense visible reaction. He turned gray. His eyes twitched."
Hickock said, "Whoa, now. Hold on here. I'm no goddam killer."

--Truman Capote, "In Cold Blood"



Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City


"Oh, don't get me started on this subject. What all a part of the same enormous failure. In my parents' day and well into yours and mine, it used to be the person who fell short. Now it's the discipline. Reading the classics is too difficult, therefore it's the classics that are to blame. Today the student asserts his incapacity as a privilege. I can't learn it, so there is something wrong with it. And there is something especially wrong with the bad teacher who wants to teach it. There are no more criteria...only opinions."

from, The Human Stain, by Phillip Roth

Joel Adas
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Pile of Hats on a Shelf
Sharpie marker and pencil on cardboard

On my mind right now is stuff piling up and lists of things to do. It seems endless sometimes but somewhere in the back of my mind I know that I should be focusing my energy on making strong paintings and drawings. Maybe I need to do one before the other. Or vice versa. I dunno.


Wendy Newton
Washington Heights, New York City

Myopic I
rock, moss, graffiti, slug trail, digital phone camera

The way my eye works is that it first sees color, then texture, and then pattern. If I'm lucky, sometimes it all comes together to form some specific meaning that jives with general consensus about reality, but not always, and often what I infer seems to be way off of the norm. This is sometimes frustrating for my husband, who has taken to saying things like "look at where my finger is pointing." Luckily, I think there's a reason for everything, and so I just go along, seeing detail after detail, until suddenly I've got the birdseye, and then it all makes sense.

Vikki Michalios
Jersey City

slideshow of figure drawings
charcoal, 18 x 20

I have been struggling for gesture qualities in painting that easily come with figure drawing.

Stephen Beveridge
Washington Heights, New York City

Fight for America
medium; mixed, collage, paint, Photoshop

The painting is a detail from a piece I submitted for a book on immigration related art. I am using it to advertise the state of desperation I appear to be in. My lawyers want $35,000. I want to stay in the U.S. or at least be able to visit.

I have reduced prices on a lot of my paintings in an attempt to liquidate my assets. I have given away or tossed a huge amount of my personal belongings but i can't seem to give away the art. I want it to be appreciated or else i'll just burn it. I don't want to see it stacked out with the garbage. I want to be able to see it as another meaningless material object like a cd or a toaster. With value given to it by the one who perceives it. I want to detach. I pray to see things differently. My relationship with the art is much like the relationship with America. I'll continue to Fight For America.


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