Now: Here: This September 29 & October 13, 2006

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Rosa Naparstek
Washington Heights, New York City

mixed media

I have spent a year playing chess on this circuit board, moving little pieces back and forth, frontwards and backwards...and today, I have spent several hours trying to get my photo of this piece corrected in Photoshop.

But it's still gray, blotchy and un-unclear. In the midst of this I check my email with the following news and realize that I'm fiddling while Rome burns.

"Anna Politkovskaya, famed for her unsparing coverage of abuses against civilians in Chechnya in the outspoken newspaper Novaya Gazeta, was found dead Saturday in the elevator of her Moscow apartment building. She had two gunshot wounds - one to the head."

Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

A Boy and His Dog
Photoshop collage

The blogger Chris Floyd makes the case that the Iraqi government's anticipated signing of a debt relief (oil) agreement (December deadline) with the International Monetary Fund is what the war has really been about from the start.
" is the reason for the war, it is why all of these people have died, it is the sign and substance of the true victory that Bush has been working for all these years."
Parts of this article may be a bit over the top, but the main stream media hasn't been investigating this stuff.

Pamela Flynn
Freehold, New Jersey

delicate balance #2
mixed media

If I fall, you will fall, and then we will have both fallen. Life is a cooperative/global community endeavor. Life is a delicate balance.

Stephen Beveridge
Washington Heights, New York City

Turn Away
digital image

On my mind: how easy it is to lose focus on what's most important and apply my attention to what's least important.


Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City


Take your pick-- drama or serenity?
I am still-- always -- pulled by water-- and how it holds and transforms.



Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

909 Third Avenue, for Vicki DaSilva (9/29)
Park Avenue Lightow

I was going to talk about today's contrast between the 701 TV channel brochure I'm working on and the section of the Bhagavad Gita that I read on the way here calling for the elimination of desire to attain bliss, but instead I decided that the most important thing on my mind is art and whether the pattern within the pattern or the new pattern created out of a pattern was more interesting.


Time, love, death
Our great ideas
and facts

How can we know each other?
Recollections, fantasies,
sometimes long

and complicated--

--the ones our parents tell about us--
their fantasies, their memories,

my sister’s, your brother’s,

a friend’s, a child’s.

School, learning, seeing, understanding, asking;
food, sleep, dreams, clothes;
our house, our home, our bed,
a tree, a road, a street,
the color of the sky, the way the wind sounds,
an animal, a conversation,
what someone said

What I said, what you said
What you heard
What you saw
What you thought you saw
What you didn’t see
What you don’t know

Maybe only with tears by the grave,
blood on the cloth,
the leaving, the returning,
flushed and wet skin,
do we know.

Anya Szykitka
Williamsburg, Brooklyn



New York City

Breathing (9/29)
digital collage

When I was a kid a doctor told my parents my asthma was aggravated [or did he say caused] by milkweed. I thought of it as poison and just a horrible, scary little plant. I was just in the Berkshires to see the autumn leaves where there was tons of them on our hikes. My friends reveled in it ... mixing it in bouquets, blowing it, photographing it. I kept my distance until I realized I was fine and remembered a lot of things the doctors of my youth told me that were wrong or very overlooked.

New York City

Time Capsules (10/13)
digital collage

I was doing the summer/winter clothes exchange from under my bed. This year I threw out most of my old love letters and memorabilia that had I have received in the past 25 years. Because they were lovey-dovey it took me a long time to realize they were making me very uncomfortable when I came across them ... and not in a I'm-avoiding-looking-at-this kind of way. I told myself they were my history and therefore valuable. I still can't put my finger on the feeling specifically other than loss and limitations. Next season I'll tackle the photographs. I'll separate and seal the ex's from the non-creepy photos; store them with the levis that don't fit anymore. Even though they don't fit, I feel lighter.

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

Three Windows
digital video

When we see other people, even in glimpses, we try to make stories for them--to explain what they're doing.


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