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November 24 & December 8, 2006

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Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Scotch tape collage and Photoshop




Sky Pape
Inwood , New York City

d igital photograph

On my mind: Tolerance, understanding, freedom of expression, restraint of freedoms, lack of vision, greed, thankfulness, humility, privilege, advantages, opportunity, imagination, action, silence, aggression, compassion, solitude, and community.

Also on my mind, post-Thanksgiving: What I like about this holiday is its less-materialistic character. I don’t mind shopping so much when the products we’re talking about are root vegetables. It’s a chance to cook in a communal kitchen, and even reflect on the distorted lens of emphatically taught historical fiction.

New York City

Set Design

December thirty-first
Is the very worst time of the year
You got to think of people
That you like enough
To share your beer
Just when you're having fun
It's January one
And you wait for explanations
To appear

—Phoebe Snow

Stephen Beveridge
Hemet, California

Red Flag

I almost was hit by a stray golf ball while making this wee painting. I thought how superior I am to the lame golfers wasting time hitting golf balls whilst I create world famous art. I realized how snobbish and human I am. I feel the need to categorize and rate the world and its pastimes. Separating myself from those whose actions are deemed unworthy and silly.

Meanwhile from a new perspective it all looks like golf and it all means about as much.

Rosa Naparstek
Washington Heights, New York City

Cowl Play: Variations on a Theme
digital images

A friend makes cowl collars
and asked me to model one.
Of course, not liking the way I looked,
I made some changes,
discovered the meaning of
limitless forms and
did not know when to stop.
I have always been afraid of this.


Sky Pape
Inwood , New York City

Twinkle and Fizz (detail shot)
Ink and cut handmade paper

You just throw some work up on the walls and you’re done, right?

Ha! Trying to take care of all the details for my solo show, opening next week, and I’m hoping I don’t drive myself and everyone around me crazy between now and then. I’m so used to working in complete isolation, that when it comes to putting the work out there, it still feels like a great risk. Experience doesn’t lessen the sense of being so personally exposed. Wish me luck.

Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City


I guess I am still stuck thinking watery thoughts. I was at Henry's on 105th and my water glass just revealed a whole other space. It has been a weird and stressful time and I guess I was looking for ways to be elsewhere.

Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachussets



Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

scanned negative

It's wrong to think ill of my motherland, I know, but I can't go back there without becoming dismayed at suburban life. While the people are certainly just as varied and wonderful as anywhere, it's all hidden by a sameness of process: leave big house, drive big car to big expanse of shopping centers featuring the same big stores, buy big items, go to big corporate restaurant with big menu, drive big distance home to channel surf on big TV. I think it's the scale. The humans are lost behind the scale of the "development" in a way they aren't in more organic environments, like small towns or city neighborhoods. But maybe it's all bunk and New Yorkers and Podunkians live exactly the same as those who push big shopping carts through endless fields of parked cars.

Lilia Levin
Washington Heights, New York City

mixed media

The question that’s on my mind is:
How do we live in this imperfect world, this imperfect country, and this imperfect city and not lose sanity and moral integrity? How do we make a difference?

Rosa Naparstek
Washington Heights, New York City

Happy Holidays
mixed media

On my mind: Sky Pape's beautiful work, the death of my friends 15 month old baby, the silliness in spending a morning trying to get the yellow tutu Jamie found in the basement to look like a wreath around Minnie's face. The hope that I can allow myself to live gracefully. And, the wisdom of the fortune cookie that fell into my lap: "Commitment is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism."

Happy Holidays.


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