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March 3, 2007

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Theresa Murphy
Paris, France

a work in progress
photo montage

i've been thinking lately about creative manifestations
and how they seem so "human-centric"
the extensive shades and timbers and contours of feelings
the innumerable geometric silhouettes of being
given configuration, circumstance, position, environment
as though marvelously evident in and of the human self...
and how it seems so void of the complete and utter reality
that no color form shape sense angle spiral etc.
carries any voice, substance or flavor without
the unequivocal interplay of all of nature—
of which we are but a miniscule part
and might i say of no higher ranking that any other part.
so i resolved to return to a sort of Eden,
perhaps even more concisely to an essence of "fariytale"
wherein animal, plant, mineral kingdoms
weighed heavy in the destiny of each human story...
where animals plants, minerals, geological formation
were profoundly magical
containing and offering
strength, intelligence, aid, dimension, nourishment, direction
in short,
an integral part of (one's) existence, survival, awareness, growth, jubilation
the simply magical, which is the whole of nature intertwined,
incapable of any emanation, any recognition
of sensation of being without the interplay of each part.
Read this poignant article: "An Elephant Crackup"

Harold Wallin
Washington Heights, New York City


I'm in a bit of a mood these days and thinking of advice Richard Ford had for aspiring writers which goes for the visual arts too, "Try to talk yourself out of it. As a life, it's much too solitary, it makes you obsessive, the rewards seem to be much too inward for most people, and too much rides on luck. Other than that, it's great." It's funny, its true and after so long at it, it's a little too late.

Rosa Naparstek
Washington Heights, New York City

digital drawing

I am happy. I remember death, and I am happy. I remember my father, my mother, and I am happy. I hear the radio news and cry, and I am happy. The piano practice from below fills my home, and I am happy. I am overwhelmed with all I want to do, and I am happy. I am inspired by Little Miss Sunshine, and I am happy. I am annoyed by Babel, and I am happy. I could not sleep because of petty ruminations, and I am happy. My book of thirty years, "Love: The Missing Dimension in Politics" still not begun, and I am happy. My studio so filled with trash, I can only work on the computer, and I am happy. Stymied by decisions, warm on my sofa, cuddling a pink and purple wooly scarf: I am happy. I have become a fool.


Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

variations on a coffee cup

The most important thing on my mind right now is finding balance in what has become a temp-to-perm overcommitment cycle. Luckily, I keep being amused and delighted by shapes, patterns, and sleight of light that mark my criss-crossing path through the city.

Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Chance Encounter

"When the novel first appeared, it was still possible to believe in the avant-garde: there were important things to be said, things suppressed by taboo and prejudice. Now, everything is permitted and nothing is heard."
Will Self - from an article in the New York Times about Celine.

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

Isaac touching the Rocks
digital video



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