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June 15, 2007

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Harold Wallin
Anchorage, Alaska & Washington Heights, New York City

pasted paper and acrylic collage

Have just been admiring the great work from the last ArtSpark and feeling wonderful to be a part of this project, and happier yet to have been able to meet some of you. It makes my studio time even more fulfilling, and at times, more bearable.

Jackie Rosa
East Haven, Connecticut

watercolor on Arches Cold Press

On my mind right now is this series of spirals I have been painting. Each one based on similar shape yet each one distinct. I am trying to understand the impact of color, tone, line and happenstance in my watercolor.

New York City

Adobe Illustrator (left); original clipping from newspaper (right)

I'm focusing on my mother, Catherine. We're having a reunion for her birthday on June 24th, which will be the first time my immediate family will be together in 20 years. I think the highlight will be the "roast." She has a great sense of humor and I've heard story previews of her funny antics. When we were young, and had company, she would announce she was going to the wine cellar then go in the closet and stomp her feet like she was going down. Oddly, I can't quite come up with stories like that, though I got her sense of humor. I want to talk about how she astounds me that she hardly ever gets bored. We go into the grocery store before she drops me off at train and she goes in like she's never been there before with such innocence and curiosity. I don't think that story will really fly. She's never had a surprise party in her life, being one of nine kids; she even suggested having this one. Here's to my Bostonian Irish Queen Mum, thanks for the thousands of forgotten meals you made me, for putting me to bed when I didn't want to go to sleep, and waking me up when I didn't want to get up.

Jaymee Dever
Lewiston, Idaho

a little bird told me
acrylic on canvas, 11x14

The thing that is most important on my mind right now is the heartache that so many of my friends and loved ones seem to be going through. So many women i love, including my friends, sister, and daughters seem to not realize how amazing they are, and they are hurting more than they are joyous. This seems to be a constant theme in the lives of women, and as a woman, i choose to validate the emotions of women through my work. The piece i created was done to convey a sense of hope, and also a message to women that if they listen, they'll learn that they are loved.

Peggy Braun
Lennox, Massachussets

Lupines and Rhodies

What's on my mind is going down to my lower garden this morning and seeing these beautiful creations side by side. Reminder when my computer stops working or my digital phone is awful, that paradise is just a few steps away. I deeply appreciate gasping at the amazing things that spring from the earth. I was at Rowe Camp a few weeks ago with Peter London and he reminded us that these, our earth companions, don't whine or wish they could be roses instead of lupines or grow in a different garden--they just live and die and that's it.

Michael Shetterly
Watkinsville, Georgia

Sun 7/24
digital photo of cut existing unfinished painting (oil on board)

Everything keeping me away this week. Thought about doing more around the pit they dug behind the house for this the extent of outlaw tree placement. I have some trees I was given on Arbor Day growing in a trash can. For now I decided to cut this painting that has not really gone in a direction in the studio. It is always nice when an act out of no specific intent toward establishing a relationship between other pieces leads to so many ideas.

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

digital photographs

Got the pre-birthday blues. Was feeling very glum. Then I started taking pictures of utility covers, and became fascinated by them, and amused by the way my submissions are usually about water itself, and here's the word, over and over. And this fleeting interest has made me less glum. So maybe the most important thing right now is a creative spark, as essential as water.

Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

analog to digital

I'm thinking about improvisation. (Maybe that's why Miles Davis's record became the subject.) The art spark caught me totally by surprise today when my calendar alarm went off. I wasn't really thinking about a project. I just picked up a camera and shot about 36 images. Hopefully, I did the grooves justice.


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