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July, 2007

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Keesje Fischer
Anchorage, Alaska & Washington Heights, New York City

Nice Bunny
monotype mixed media

What's on my mind:
Balance. When struggling with how to nourish oneself spiritually and fiscally, how to cherish what one has: the riches of health, family, friendship, home, and at the same seek more. The culture of capitalism (wanting and procurring) can undermine my happiness yet often fuels my ambition in some way.

John Mason
Nashville, Tennessee

Earring of Athene
pencil, acrylic, detail from a work 10" x 10"

The most important thing on my mind right now is how to exercise the freedom with which God has created me--going forward with limited vision and limited resources, but if "books are everywhere free, and without chains," so should we be.

Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

Inwood Graffiti


My mother has surprised us with a visit, all the way from California. She is in her late 70's, uses a walker, goes to bed late, wakes up early, and never seems to get tired. When she comes to New York a trip to St. Patrick's Cathedral is always on her agenda. There she is truly in her element surrounded by candles, icons, statuary, stained glass windows and of course there is always the gift shop. She likes to give me little figurines and medallions of St. Jude, the Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases.

Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

fake b&w digital photograph

the most imortant thing on my mind: schizophrenic generationional copies coinciding with simultaneous deeper wiser duplicate justifyable yet non-competing additional alternative but critical expressions while not diminishing anyone at any time; i.e., life.

Harold Wallin
Anchorage, Alaska & Washington Heights, New York City

acrylic on pasted paper

Of course when I'm making, my thoughts are seldom far from art issues. But today I find I'm thinking about something that seems unrelated, though on second thought it is not, E.B. White's quote, "Just to live in the country is a full-time job. You don't have to do anything. The idle pursuit of making a living is pushed to one side, where it belongs, in favor of living itself, a task of such immediacy, variety, beauty, and excitement that one is powerless to resist its wild embrace." For me, for now, art and the studio are my country home.

Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City


Here are three photos for the double exhibit. I have been shooting a lot and it has been a lifesaver in a stressful time.

1} I love the shapes of children playing on the bars in the playground. It is a little dangerous tho since people do not react well to strange photographers taking photos of their kids.

2] Fellini was visiting Ft. Tryon Park-- people were wandering through the park paths prior to a wedding. It was too interesting to pass up.
Brought back memories of many strange movies I have seen.

3] I usually do not like to glorify damage to public buildings but this window in the 190th St station keeps evolving. I am glad the light was
right for a change when I came through there.




Linda Lou Clements
Brooklyn, New York

digital collage

As usual, what's on my mind is usual. But for a change I thought I'd do a piece that wasn't (overtly) political.

Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachussetts

scrap collage


Michael Shetterly
Watkinsville, Georgia

Pawleys Island beach
quick sketch, 12"x9", oil on board

Spent the week at Pawleys Island w/ family. Always enjoyable and was able to do a few quick sketches in oil. Just a view of the beach from memory. Not great quality image taken w/ cell camera and e-mailed from phone. Went today to the former home of sculptor Anna Hutchinson where she had an indoor and outdoor studio on the beach......almost just a shell now. I can just imagine the life of being able to do as one wants creatively with no time, monetary, or other restrictions. Hearing now the thunder rolling in from the ocean w/ a fresh wind.


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