Now: Here: This
October 19, 2007

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Sky Pape
Inwood, New York City

detail of untitled drawing in progress
colored pencil on paper

Growing pains. It’s easy to think of life’s major transitions as happening only at certain times, such as the move from adolescence into adulthood. But really the big changes are part of a continuum. With age, one has more experience and perhaps greater awareness, but there’s no less discomfort or difficulty associated with growth and evolution. It’s an awkward kind of thing.

Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachusetts

untitled (after Sisley)
encaustic on wood

There's nothing like the thrill of a new medium, especially an ancient one scented by beeswax.

Isabela Oldak
Poznan, Poland

Fashionable Paintings, Autumn/ Winter 2007/2008
Acrylic on canvas, size 175x85cm

I have never been wondering what I'm thinking about when I'm painting. Participating in this project has forced me do to it. I realized, that I don't "transfer" my emotions to the canvas. My works are not expressive images of my soul. They are always a part of bigger project or cycle. They are talking about some problems, rooted in my worldwiev, that's why their mantle remains "cold". But when I'm painting, I'm talking with them, and so it was in this case. It appeared that when I have been doing this painting I have been telling him about my dilemmas. He has heard about my problems with finding a flat, finding a peace, that independent life after academy is really hard for me. He has become a trustee of my thoughts, thoughts which are not expressed on the surface of the painting, but hidden somewhere deeper inside...

[note on the work: I build from these paintings objects made from 3 of them, i present it on models platform with music from fashion shows. Now I have 12 paintings, 9 from spring summer collection, and 3 from Autumn/ Winter one.]

Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City


I am continuing to check in on the evolution of my last submission, a door on Lispenard Street-- and indeed, it has continued to evolve.
Things keep getting added to it-- which are not added to other available spaces on the street and elsewhere. There is clearly a draw-- a
compelling something about it and I wonder where it will end. There is less and less of the figure and it seems more ghastly somehow. So where am I in this?



Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Heights, New York City

View From the Fourth Floor


John Mason
Klaipeda, Lithuania

time is precious
ink on paper, 6"x6"

on my mind right now:
how to have an open mind.

Time may not reverse, but springs of fire can raise translucent stars in time.

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

digital video

Already looking forward to spring. Only half a year away.

Keesja Fischer
Washington Heights, New York City


whats on my mind?

I am saddened by my friend's father's death and thinking about relationships and family.
Meanwhile burdened and blessed with STUFF, will try to put it in perspective...stuff is fascinating if cluttering, it's everywhere, it's life, it's death, and it's rebirth. and some of it is Mine.

Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

untitled (Photogram)
scanned assemblages


Somewhere making beautiful things is enough of a purpose and enough of an endeavor to guarantee survival. Here, though, it seems there is also the need to fix the world and pay the rent, therefore making socially conscious work and trying to sell the beautiful things we make and do. It's humiliating to have such feelings after reading the Tao Te Ching and other wisdom. But there you have it.

Linda Clements
Brooklyn, New York

Operation Tears
collage w/ gold leaf & acrylic

"And still, between the shadow and the blinding flame,
The brave despair of men flings onward, ever the same
As in those doom-lit years that wait them, and have been...
And life is just the picture dancing on a screen"

Siegfried Sassoon


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