Now: Here: This
November 8 - the Finale

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Karen Greene
Washington Heights, New York City


Here it is. The last Now Here This-- and maybe most important. No-- I did not take this on 11/8, but I certainly thought of it yesterday and on every day since it happened. It has changed so much about how we all
breathe and feel now, and how we smile at and embrace total strangers.

It was a record of a moment in history and I needed to mark it and
celebrate it, and be able to touch it and hold it again. Art certainly
gives hope and rescues us from the depths.


Nick Holliday
Great Barrington, Massachusetts

singing from the well
mixed media collage

the staggering power of electing a black man to the Presidency and of having a person of color (and such intelligence, poise, and dignity) representing America on the international stage

John Mason
Nashville, Tennessee

pencil on canvas

on my mind is freedom, to think without following paths and trails, especially when hope is in the air.

Pamela Flynn
Lake Como, New Jersey

henna tattoo

A high wall will not change the fact that the path ends in a common destiny.

Sky Pape
Inwood , New York City

Sumi ink on kozo paper, 6" x "4"

Everywhere, I am surrounded by mystery and strange beauty. Drawing, for me, is never about proving what I can do or expressing what I know or feel or believe. It’s about finding something out, a clue towards understanding, a glimmer of meaning. Sometimes, it’s like a thank you note or prayer, a gesture of appreciation for the wonder of being.

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

—Frank Lloyd Wright

Petaluma, California and New York City

A 17 J

Thank you Peter for bringing people together to make art. Your parties and shows are some of my favorite experiences of community in New York. Aside from the excitement of seeing everyone’s online piece and personal comments, I’ve loved your curation. There will probably be something new, but Now:Here:This has been a gem. I will miss it.

Claire Adas
Lambertville, New Jersey

digital video

Now:Here:This has been very important to me, and I feel quite sad that this is the last one. I returned to one of my first subjects, and one of my first interests, the movement of water and light. I can't stop thinking of the symbolism of autumn leaves and water flowing under a bridge in relation to the passing of Now:Here:This.

Stephen Beveridge
Washington Heights, New York City


on my mind: peace and quiet, I have been in New York 8 months in a row, more specifically , Broadway at 187 the street. I will not miss the club or parking lot across the street and the noise they generate. I won't miss the urine smell in the elevator. I am ready to accept the quiet of my home in California for a while.

James Huckenpahler
Washington, D.C.

digital image

feeling self-indulgent, yearning for utopian décor

Karien Vandekerkhove
Flanders, Belgium

there was


Karen Hudson
Inwood , New York City

Rob Roy
mixed media construction

This piece is called Rob Roy.

It is dedicated to my father, a rocket scientist, and alcoholic.

His name was neither Rob, nor Roy.

Rosa Naparstek
Washington Heights, New York City

mixed media construction

On my mind right now is as
little as possible. Not to reach,
not to want, not to hold a finger
pointing at the moon. Just the
possible now, enough impossible.

Harold Wallin
Anchorage, Alaska and
Washington Heights, New York City

bitumen and acrylic on canvas

I’m thinking of the pleasure I’ve had from being part of this online arts group. Here I’ve been able to record some of the varied and various series I’ve been in the midst of making when the Now:Here:This call came from Peter. This one is no different.

How lucky I have been to actually meet some of you over the years of participating. To know you has been a very important part of my art life. I wish all of the Now:Here:This tribe continued success and unwavering resolve in their meaningful art making. And thanks so much Peter for all the extra work you have done to keep this going.

Edie Nadelhaft
New York City

Twice Shy (One Shot)
oil on canvas, 24" x 24"


Vikki Michalios
Jersey City, New Jersey

acrylic on canvas


Peter Ferko
Washington Heights, New York City

Last Seen
scanned negative film

The most important thing on my mind is the concluding action of a project that has been important to me. As in the first episode, I am using an unfamiliar tool. In the first episode, in 2004, my Rollei jammed and I bought a disposable camera at the grocery store that became the scene of my first Now:Here:This image. Today, I put 3200 speed film in a 3-D camera I bought at a thrift shop last week and shot all day long with a fair amount of doubt about the result of the venture—apropos of the project as a whole. And similarly, I’m content with what emerged.


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